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SIX RISKS FACTORS OF ANKLE SPRAINS. Lateral ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries for both competitive and recreational athletes. Unfortunately, a fairly large percentage of them will re-occur and in some cases lead to ankle instability and osteoarthritis. A recent study by Kobashi et al (Sports Health, March 2016) established these risk factors: Body Mass Index: correlation was found between a high BMI and injury groups. Range of Motion: apparent lack of mobility with ...
Posted on 2016-03-17
Why do I have Tennis Elbow? The CausesTennis elbow, also called lateral epicondylitis, is a type of tendinitis which is the inflammation of tendons that attached to the elbow. This type of injury causes pain in the elbow and forearm. Tennis elbow can be caused by activities such as tennis, squash and racqetball. However, this type of injury can also affect people who do repetitive gripping activities, especially if they use the thumb and first two fingers, like car...
Posted on 2015-07-17
Surgery can be a very expensive option for those with back pain or injury. Physical therapy is proven to be a very cost-effective option that may improve your outcomes as well as save you a great deal of money. Recently, the journal Spine followed a group of people undergoing surgery on the lumbar spine. Previous to the surgery, half of the participants received the typical pre-surgical care. The rest of the group received specialized education from a physical therapist on the neuroscience of ...
Posted on 2015-07-10
Posted on 2015-06-29
Posted on 2015-06-09
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