Risk Factors of Ankle Sprains


Lateral ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries for both competitive and recreational athletes. Unfortunately, a fairly large percentage of them will re-occur and in some cases lead to ankle instability and osteoarthritis.

A recent study by Kobashi et al (Sports Health, March 2016) established these risk factors:

  • Body Mass Index: correlation was found between a high BMI and injury groups.

  • Range of Motion: apparent lack of mobility with dorsiflexion (movement of the foot upwards towards the shin bone)

  • Muscle Strength: muscular imbalances that make joint more prone to weakness in certain directions of movement

  • Postural Stability: difficulties maintaining balance during stabilizing or change of direction

  • Proprioception: decreased body awareness during certain types of activity, particularly when eye control is directed to an alternative focus

  • Muscle reaction time: slowed reacting muscle group whose job is to maintain the ankle in a neutral position

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