Surgery or Physical Therapy?

Surgery can be a very expensive option for those with back pain or injury. Physical therapy is proven to be a very cost-effective option that may improve your outcomes as well as save you a great deal of money. Recently, the journal Spine followed a group of people undergoing surgery on the lumbar spine. Previous to the surgery, half of the participants received the typical pre-surgical care. The rest of the group received specialized education from a physical therapist on the neuroscience of pain. The researchers followed up with the participants 1 year post-surgery and found the group who received a single, educational session from a physical therapist viewed their experience much more favorably and spent 45% less money on services and treatments following the surgery. Physical therapy is constantly developing new strategies for spinal pain and treatments to help patients better understand and manage their pain. Research focuses on the reconceptualization of pain which may lead to improving function, range of motion, and decreasing pain. Before opting for spinal surgery, explore your physical therapy options by contacting Excel Physical Therapy of Naples, Inc.